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Longtime fans of The Simpsons will remember the episode with Bart's onetime pet elephant, Stampy.

Stampy, of course, was a gag radio prize that Bart took a bit too seriously, and sure enough an elephant was delivered to his door. Hilarity ensued.

Now you can also pretty much imagine that in this cartoon world of Springfield, there were quite a few odd looks around their courier office when the request came in for such a delivery.

Well, the same thing happened to us.

Yep, we got a request to courier an elephant.

Now we're not sure what packing material we would use in this case. Foam peanuts may be too realistic for our pachyderm package, and a wooden crate... well, would you want to remove a sliver from an elephant ear?

If anyone out there has suggestions for how to package an elephant let us know; we'll be contacting Hammurabi in the interim.

The fall season is upon us, and for the population of Winnipeg this means one thing: snow is coming.

Okay, really make that two things: One, snow is coming; and two: the Winnipeg Jets 2013-14 season is just about ready to begin.

For season ticket holders, this means that ticket pools will soon be finishing up and game assignments will start. With it, however, comes some complication in the form of the pass cards for seats, a program which is being retained from the 2012-13 experiment.

For those who are new season ticket holders, or if you're getting into a group for the first time, this means that your usual paper tickets are a thing of the past, restricting you primarily to using the plastic cards to gain entry to the MTS Centre. There are alternatives, but let's face it - printed pieces of paper, even as valuable as Jets tickets, can get lost or damaged in pockets.

So instead of fretting over where you put those print-outs, pass your passes around with Sierra Courier. We offer great same-day courier services in Winnipeg, with options available to get your passes where they need to go in as little as a half hour.

Enjoy the upcoming NHL season. Go Jets Go!

From time to time, Sierra Courier has some truly unique delivery requests. While they often make for interesting conversation in our office, we like to think that there are also opportunities to share them with you, our loyal customers.

There are many, many items that Sierra Courier can deliver throughout Winnipeg and across Manitoba, but some things that aren't in our wheelhouse. Take for example cold storage delivery, which is more often employed with refrigeration trucks - service that best managed by connections that you can arrange with our associates at Crossdock Manitoba.

This past January, we did get a call asking about such services and had to defer; but our customer rep did so with a suggestion.

Given the inclimate (or in this case very climate) weather of the time, our CSR offered that the package could be kept in the back of an open half ton truck. The client enjoyed our humour, but declined our new 'open door' offering.

This was certainly a more unique request, and even though we had to decline the service, we're sure we left a memory with our client.

Be sure to check back to our blog on a regular basis for more Memorable Moments from Sierra Courier.

From time to time, Sierra Courier has some truly unique delivery requests. While they often make for interesting conversation in our office, we like to think that there are also opportunities to share them with you, our loyal customers.

When a call to Sierra Courier begins with "this is going to be funny,” you know you're in for a different sort of request.

Such was the case when the one of our clients in the Animal Sciences industry called our offices, asking... ahem... if we can ship bull XXit.

Now, normally when someone talks about transporting ... "XXit", they're normally talking about an argument where "XXit" hits the fan; but no, this was a legitimate of sending the XXit packing.

So off we went to get an answer from an international courier. We were "knee deep" in our research when we found the answer that, indeed, XXit can really fly!

As it turns out, you need to fill out some paperwork (with 24 hours prior notice) in order to send bullXXit. Why? Plant derivatives that are found in it.

Yep. We went there.

Now we did choose to leave some of the finer points to customs, we were certainly pleased to provide this service to our client.

So when we say we can ship just about everything imaginable, we're not bullXXing.

To learn more about our bio-hazardous specialty services, click here.

Finding a needle in a haystack is a straightforward proposition when compared with package tracking. Both the needle and the haystack are standing still, so all you need are sharp eyes and patience.

Tracking hundreds of shipments, any one of which may need to be accounted for at a moments notice requires a more sophisticated set of tools.

That’s why Sierra Courier is now offering Etrac, a complimentary online order, tracking, and reporting system that will save you time, money, and hassle in your shipping, especially when you compare some of the solutions offered by our competitors.

Etrac provides real-time tracking of your shipments, so you’ll know exactly where they are and can accurately predict when they will arrive at their destination. In today’s “just in time” world, shipping has become a mission-critical task in many businesses. With Etrac, you’ll be able to place your order, track it, and know for sure when it’s been delivered, all from your desktop.

Don’t get us wrong – at Sierra Courier, we love our customers and pride ourselves on long-term relationships. This isn’t a way to avoid talking to you on the phone. It’s just a faster way to take care of the routine parts of the business. If you need something special, or there’s a problem of some sort, we’re always a phone call away, and we’ll work with you to solve it. We welcome social calls too, but we understand if you just want to use Etrac to get your package on it’s way as fast as possible. The Etrac dashboard will not only keep you apprised of the shipment’s location, but you’ll also know the id of the dispatcher and the name of the driver who actually has possession of your package. The goal is to provide you all of the information you could possibly need about a shipment on one easy to use webpage.

Whether you ship one package, or several hundred, Etrac is the best online shipping/tracking tool that we could find, and we’re sure it’ll be of benefit to all our customers. Signing up for Etrac is fast, easy, and free. Visit our sign-up page to register today. A representative will get back to you within 24 hours with a secure user name and password,

To speak to a representative at Sierra Courier, call toll free 866-575-ASAP (2727) or 204-632-8920 from the Winnipeg area. We’ve been innovators in the courier business since 1976.