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Today was the day that hockey fans had been waiting all summer for - the first official day of Winnipeg Jets training camp.

All the speculation and banter over the last few months comes to a head with public sessions this weekend. This will be the first time that new pick-ups like Nikolasj Ehlers will be seen in the 'Peg by our hockey hardcores, while returnees like Andrew Ladd and Mark Scheifele will be re-introduced and show what they did to improve their game over the summer.

No matter what happens this season, the Jets will be delivering excitement on the ice, and Sierra Courier will be on hand.

In the past, you've seen Sierra advertisements at the MTS Centre and we are continuing this year. Watch our site in the coming weeks to get a preview of the fun we're going to have for Winnipeg hockey fans for the 2014-15 NHL season.

Get ready fans, puck drop is coming soon!

As the Winnipeg Blue Bombers get set to deliver a Labour Day Classic victory to devoted fans in the River City, Sierra Courier prepares to rest up as our offices will be closed on Monday.

We're more than confident that Drew Willy will lead the boys in blue and gold to victory this weekend at Mosaic, while we take comfort at home and enjoy a great weekend primarily outdoors and in front of our television sets.

Okay, so maybe we're not being realistic - the Bombers' record the past few years during the Classic should in theory be a partial indicator of what will happen this weekend, but we like to keep our hopes up.

Regardless of the outcome, there will be excitement delivered on the gridiron. While we may not make the trip across the provincial border, we will be cheering our boys on from the comforts of Winnipeg.

Have a great Labour Day Weekend Winnipeg, and we look forward to working with you again on Tuesday!

One of the greatest features of summer, inarguably, is Winnipeg's Fringe Theatre Festival.

Attracting performers from across the world, the Fringe offers up a little something for everyone, from sketch comedy to improvised drama.

Fringe performers, however, don't just stop in one location and call it a summer (more often than not) - instead, they'll tour like an old school set of troubadors, going from town to town, festival to festival, entertaining the masses along the way.

Of course, some Fringe plays aren't simply two chairs and a crude backdrop, rolled and stored in a poster tube - often they are quite elaborate setups, possibly at the level of a professional company play (mainly because they are professional companies). Thus, moving about the country isn't as easy as one may think.

As such, Fringers will depend not only on the kindness of strangers who will guide them to the best rest stops and food hits as they roam unfamiliar territory, but couriers do help along the way, shipping large sets on their behalf.

So whether you're shipping a stage or simply a parcel, know you can depend on the courier experts here at Sierra with all of your valuable.

To learn more, call us today at 866-575-ASAP.

Winnipeg is home to some unique events during a calendar year, but none compare to Folklorama.

A renowned event, Folklorama brings the best of all cultures and homelands to our city for a two week period, giving our city - and tourists - a taste of cultures we may not otherwise explore.

Organizing such a festival is a feat of immeasurable time and effort. Consider just how much careful planning goes into an individual pavilion, you can slowly see a picture form of the busyness that surrounds Folklorama.

Delivering a culture - let alone the globe - to Winnipeg doesn't just happen by itself. Organizers will put a lot of careful consideration into the setup and the logistics of putting together a temporary venue. Artifacts will come from across a community for displays, props for stages performances must be assembled (and at times imported!) and food stations in otherwise non-serving venues must be on the ready long before the first passport is stamped.

Delicacy is the name of the game here, especially when you're handling items on temporary donation, and anyone who handles one of these treasures treats it as their own, just as we do at Sierra Courier when you entrust us with your delivery.

Whether it's an envelope, a large package or crates of cargo, Sierra treats your package with the respect it deserves, ensuring that it arrives in the same condition as when you first gave it to us.

So whether you're sending a package across the world, or bringing the world to Winnipeg, trust your valued delivery with Sierra Courier.

As the summer days continue on, we start to pre-reminisce about our time at the beach.

Even before the end of the day, you're already thinking back to the funny moment that ruled the day - possibly when a kid said an unexpected bad word (in a hilariously inappropriate time) or the rock that Uncle Bob managed to skip 7 times across the lake.

Ultimately we want these memories to stay with us. There's no question - the sentiment of 'the beach' is one we all treasure (and why one Cosmo Kramer thought it would make the perfect scent for Calvin Klein).

Now the last thing we at Sierra Courier would ever recommend would be to actually bring home a piece of the beach, be it snagging a few rocks or seashells or even bottling up water from Lake Winnipeg. We often will warn our kids not to do this in some manner - for example, don't pick a flower, let it stay where it is so everyone can enjoy it - but as adults we will from time to time grab a small, seemingly inoffensive piece.

This is the one case though, where you really shouldn't. Take photos and videos, maybe buy a souvenir, but let that be your remnant from the summer of 2014.

And if you need a quick reminder of the aforementioned Seinfeld episode, you can check out highlights below, including commentary from Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David.

From your friends at Sierra Courier, enjoy the summer!