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Happy cottaging Manitoba!

At long last, summer is here. The kids are done at school and soon you'll be headed north, south, east or west (or somewhere in between) to your summer getaway spot.

The open air awaits you as you settle in with a refreshing drink, a good book (or your iPad) and a lawnchair buried in the sand.

It's heavenly... at least until you realize you forgot something at home!

No need to fret and pack the van back up and bullet back to Winnipeg. Sierra can help!

Hitting the highways is part of our job. Our Direct Driver Service takes our couriers across Winnipeg, Manitoba and North America at a moment's notice. Whether it's an important contract you need to review from the cottage or a laptop that can't be left at the office, we'll deliver your forgotten priorities right to your cottage door.

So take the worry out of your long weekend. This is one of the most beautiful times of the year. Keep your concerns at bay with Sierra Courier.

To learn more about our Direct Driver Services, contact us today.

Summer has all but officially started in Winnipeg, which means your company may soon, if it hasn't already, hired on a couple extra sets of hands.

Summer interns or temp staff are great sources of relief while your staff members are on their one, two or three week vacations. Doing everything from taking stock to cleanup and fall prep are the sorts of jobs that these individuals fill in while major duties are shifted around your office.

Generally speaking, summer workers are conscientious and are great support, but they may also be tenuous when it comes to outsiders coming into your office. Think about it - your first week on the job and you have couriers coming in who you have never seen - may be a little intimidating and, even more so, you may be tenuous letting someone into the offices who you don't know.

For this reason, you might want to consider Sierra Courier's Dedicated Driver service. By ordering this service, you will have the same courier coming to your office, putting your temp staff at east and also giving you the familiarity of having an individual who knows your employees and may deal with them directly.

To learn more about Dedicated Driver and other specialty services, contact Sierra today at 204-632-8920.

Winnipeg - summer's here!

One of the premier activities amidst our summer months, of course, is not on four or even eight wheels - it's on two.

Yes, biking has taken over Winnipeg. Go through any park or drive down most streets in our city and you're bound to see people getting a blast of fresh air as they get fit while travelling. Biking has so many health benefits, including for our environment.

Sierra's team has seen the benefits of biking and when the season and time allows, we give couriers the opportunity to step out of their vehicles and cycle your parcel over.

We also offer this service to our clients. While we won't provide you with a bike to pick up your parcel, we will, by request, send our couriers out on bikes (where the package carriage allows it - we won't ask our delivery team to strap a piano to their back while navigating on two wheels!).

So if you're looking for the environmentally-friendly option for your next Winnipeg delivery - call Sierra Courier today and request a cyclist for your next courier need.

Tonight starts the most intense two week period in all of sport - the commencement of the NHL Finals, aka the championship series for the Stanley Cup.

Since its earliest days, the silver bowl that Lord Stanley of Preston purchased in 1892 has been on an incredible journey that has seen it endure a few bumps and bruises as it was delivered from one team to another (or even within the same club).

With today marking the start of the New York Rangers and Los Angeles Kings' pursuit of the ultimate symbol of hockey glory, we put our historians to work and now present to you some of the unfortunate incidents that involve the travels (or should that be travails) of the Stanley Cup.

The month of May is, quite possibly, the most important for North American sports. Look at the facts:

- The NHL and NBA playoffs are moving quickly.

- MLB's season is now in full swing (pardon the pun).

- The NFL and CFL hold their annual drafts.

On top of that, check out the local sports scene. This month has already seen public golf courses open up and just yesterday, women's soccer dominated headlines as a friendly was staged between Canada and the U.S.

With all of these athletic exhibitions taking place, hardware comes to the forefront of mind. Trophies are the ultimate symbol of sporting excellence as it has been for decades upon decades.

And throughout their history, there have been mishaps in transporting these sacred treasures, and there may be no better example than the Stanley Cup.

Hockey's ultimate prize, of course, goes on one long road trip after being awarded to the winner of the NHL playoffs. Each player (and most management) get their turn with the Cup for a day, often with the Keeper of the Cup, Phil Pritchard, in tow; but there have been a few instances of the Cup missing its appointed rounds.

For example, in 2006, after the Carolina Hurricanes won Lord Stanley's Mug, Andrew Hutchinson's day with the Cup was to include his son being baptised in the famed trophy. It never happened as the Cup arrived late to the ceremony.

Another shining example took place in 1924. The Montreal Canadiens were set to celebrate their victory in style at owner Leo Dandurand's house. One problem - en route to the fete, one of the cars transporting players - and the Stanley Cup - got a flat. In the rush to fix the tire, the players left Lord Stanley's Mug on the side of the road.

Now far be it from us to be presumptuous, but when the Winnipeg Jets do win the Stanley Cup, we want to offer our courier service. Our expert couriers will ensure that sport's most coveted prize will reach each and every destination safely, securely and in one piece; unlike several other instances in the Cup's history.