Current Courier Conditions

Due to higher than normal call volumes, any orders placed after 1:15pm on Friday, September 24th will be subject to delayed service or next day pickup/delivery.  If we are unable to pick up your order today, a Sierra representative will make alternate pickup/delivery arrangements.  If you have any questions regarding this notice, please don't hesitate to call our office.

Most of the time, you love living in Manitoba.  But when the thermometer heads south, you make your friends and relatives insanely jealous and do the same.

Murphy’s law dictates that things won’t always go smoothly.  Imagine you arrive in Phoenix, Miami, or Myrtle Beach and find you’ve left your bathing suit (you know, the one with the yellow polka-dots), your golf clubs, camera, or something else essential to your enjoyment of the good life back in Winnipeg.

Some things can be readily replaced with a trip to the local outlet mall.  Others are prohibitively expensive, and some just can’t be had at any cost.

Will you sit in your room and think about the great things you could be doing, if only you’d remembered to pack the right stuff?  No way.  You can solve this problem with the services of a Winnipeg courier company.

Sierra Courier can get your stuff to you quickly, saving you the need to shop for a new bathing suit.  We offer service to the US via air (super speedy, for things you need right away) and ground (less speedy, but more economical (things you can wait 2 to 7 days for).

Since 1976, we’ve made it our business to take care of our customers’ items like they were our own.  We don’t specialize in moving things; we specialize in helping people relax knowing that people who care are moving their things safely.

Hey, we’re only human.  As imperfect creatures, we sometimes forget important stuff.  Let Sierra Courier get them to you, and get you out of the doghouse.

To arrange shipping, call anytime toll free 866-575-ASAP (2727) or 204-632-8920 from the Winnipeg area.  You can also have someone drop your stuff off at 1200 King Edward Street in Winnipeg, and we’ll make sure it gets to you.

January means different things to different people; but if you're a semi empty-nester whose kids are off at university, it means that the taste of your teen being at home again was enough for you to happily have wished them well as they got in their car or boarded the plane back to their dorm life.

Now we all know college kids and how they pack - throw clothes in this suitcase, chuck random pieces in that bag, don't forget their cell phone and they're off.

What that means is they're going to, fairly quickly, realize that they forgot their iPhone charger, clean clothing or worse (yes, there can be worse).

Now you (and your teen, we suppose) are left with a decision to make:

1. Courier their belongings to their university; or
2. Give them money to buy everything new.

Far be it from us to suggest one over the other, but option 1 can be less costly than buying a second set, and will save you on space when your kid inevitably does come home for the summer.

Now comes the easy part.

You already trusted Sierra Courier with your deliveries in Winnipeg, and just as sure as you are with our ability to transport your packages safely, securely and on time around Manitoba, you can trust us with the same professionalism outside our city. Whether within Canada or in the U.S., Sierra can provide you with ground or air parcel service for your courier needs.

To learn more about our services outside Winnipeg, including pricing information, fill out our contact form here or call us at 204 632-8920.

The holiday season is very nearly upon us, and for many that means a lot more shipping and delivery needs. End of the year inventory clearance, holiday gift orders and rush deliveries can make for some very busy scheduling. The best remedy is some basic planning, beginning with selecting the right choice in shipping companies.

Sierra Courier offers a number of services that will help you through the busy upcoming holiday season. Dedicated delivery drivers can make your shipping and delivery tasks go smoothly and save you a lot time in the process. Having the same driver perform your deliveries and pickups means you don't need to get a new driver up to speed on delivery locations and corporate policies regarding shipments. You'll have someone familiar with your schedule and delivery locations arrive to do the job each time you call us.

Our warehousing service is available 24 hours a day so you can move more products out of your facility and let us store it for delivery. We'll even cross-dock your merchandise and distribute it as required from our warehouse, leaving you room at your facility for the new year's inventory. Opt for our 60-minute Executive Service for fast delivery of those last-minute rush orders, or use our Direct Drive Service for emergency deliveries, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

With Sierra Courier, you've got a reliable partner to help you get through the busy holiday season. Just think of us as your own personal Santa's elves, with a whole lot of sleighs on call to deliver the goods.

Can we be a bit obvious for a moment and say that the holiday season is one of our favourite times of the year?

Let's face facts - this is one of those rare times of the year where a package delivery is not just anticipated hotly, but there's a childlike excitement that's very evident when one of our drivers arrives to a door across Winnipeg with a special couriered package in hand, ready to turn it over to the outstretched arms of its intended recipient.

The stories we hear from our drivers of this excitement really warms our hearts. Whether it's an anticipated gift from an uncle or auntie who lives outside our fair city or is a gift from company to client, each of these gifts holds a special meaning. It is our pleasure to be part of this proud tradition that has been around since biblical times.

On behalf of the entire staff of Sierra Courier, we wish you the happiest of holidays this season. May we all enjoy the holiday season and speak again in 2013.

When choosing a delivery service, your options include either regular postal service or a Winnipeg courier company. Your choice will likely be based on several important factors, including price, convenience, schedule, and the parcel itself that is being delivered. In other words, you want your package to be delivered in the most timely, cost-efficient and hassle-free method possible.

Regular mail is reliable and can be counted upon for letter delivery conveniently enough, but using this method for package delivery calls for standing in line at the post office. And regardless of the type of parcel involved, it also requires adherence to a set delivery schedule. A courier service, by contrast, can be available to pick up a parcel with just a phone call, at a convenient time, and a competitive price. For many individuals and businesses in Winnipeg, courier service just makes good sense.

Another significant distinction between Winnipeg couriers and regular mail is that a courier will deliver a package directly to its intended recipient, rather than just a street address. This delivery service insures that the parcel has gotten to the individual without delay due to internal routing procedures at a business, for instance.

Finally, a local courier like Sierra Courier will provide computerized tracking information, so that both the sender and recipient can easily and conveniently locate their parcels at any point throughout the delivery process. Sierra Courier has been reliably and affordability delivering for Winnipeg since 1976, from around the corner to around the world.