Current Courier Conditions

Winnipeg awoke this past weekend to a delightful scene - snow melting!

At long last, and we cross our fingers firmly as we say this, we're getting out of the white blanket that has been a very cold, very snow-filled winter. Look across the city and you're seeing pet owners happily walking their dogs rather than cussing, homeowners happily shoveling sludge off their driveways and little (okay very little) patches of green starting to appear on lawns.

Unfortunately what this means for Winnipeg is that the driving around our fair city has become a little more treacherous. If you park outside overnight, you know how bad the ice can rut up before the crack of dawn and how poor it is on the roads as the day wears on.

At Sierra Courier, we're concerned about the safety of our customers. That's why we're more than happy to hit the roads for you for your delivery needs. Our expert drivers will manage the roads so you don't have to and ensure that your package is delivered with efficiency in mind.

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Welcome to financial season!

Between now and the end of April, accountants and financial advisors are getting ready for hibernation, only emerging from the piles of documents to get the occasional cup of coffee and maybe a catnap (though some have been known to sleep in their offices. That's why they have couches, afterall).

For Winnipeggers, this means getting signed documents prepped, and in these busy times for both yourself and your advisor, this means face-to-face meetings are next to impossible.

In this scenario, signing said papers will need to be done remotely, and with time drawing close to deadline (March 3), you'll need to expedite your signings.

Here's where Sierra Courier comes in. We have great same-day service with one, two and three hour delivery options available, including getting through the busy Winnipeg downtown centre!

So don't take chances with these all important tax saving opportunities - let Sierra's trusted team help you today!

There's a common thread among businesses in Winnipeg - Friday afternoons are reserved for shutdown activities.

Those last waning hours before the weekend are among the toughest for job focus, with a thought that goes toward remaining tasks can wait until Monday to be completed.

Not all tasks, however, fall into this category. Some require that last-minute attentiveness, namely those shipments that need to get out so they can be arriving for Monday's rush of business.

When these situations arise, Sierra Courier is here for you, with our Air Saturday Services.

You read that right - the first day of the weekend is still an operating day at the office for us.

Our service on Saturdays includes pick-up and drop-off to most and Canadian, American centres, and some international destinations as well.

What does that mean to you?

Consider, for a moment, that you're headed out to Calgary Friday morning for a trade show the following Monday but forget to bring one of your stand-up banners.

Not to fret. Using our Next Day Canada service, your staff can prep and package the banner, with delivery coming to you Saturday.

It's that simple.

So when you're in a pinch, rely on Winnipeg's most trusted courier service.

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Valentine's Day falls a bit awkwardly for Winnipeggers this year. Not only does it happen on a Friday, but it's the day before the long weekend.

What does that mean for scrambling spouses? It's going to be one of those days where your work is going to be a bit chaotic before you shut down for that extra day out of the office.

Don't let your Valentine suffer from romance withdrawal because you've got a hectic schedule - let Sierra Courier help you play cupid.

No, we won't dress up for you with wings and a bow-and-arrow, but our love-delivery team is ready for that one-day turnaround of the item you order from your local florist or chocolatier (not that we're hinting towards certain gifts) and Sierra will pick up your gift and deliver it to your sweetheart's office.

Our fantastic same-day service includes delivery in downtown Winnipeg with one, two and three-hour services, leaving you plenty of time to conduct all of your desperation phone calls searching for the perfect gift for your beloved.

To learn more about our Winnipeg courier services, contact us now at 204-632-8920 or fill out our online form here.

Winnipeggers, it's official - snowbird season is upon us.

Whether Arizona, Florida or another sunny destination spot, the time has come where some of your staff will be relocating their office to offsite locations.

What happens next is something we're all accustomed to - human nature. In the hustle and bustle of trying to catch a plane to the destination, things are forgotten at the office. Yes, we make packing lists for our home luggage (and of course forget things there), but do we do so for the office? Not as much, and there are some items we may forget that we can't be without.

This can be anything from the power cable for our laptops and Smartphone chargers to legal documents and long manuscripts - i.e. the sort of pieces we simply cannot work without.

When you find yourself in this pinch, the first thing to do is keep calm - remember, they're safely in your office and can easily been retrieved and sent to you.

This is where Sierra comes in. Our courier services to the U.S. include both ground and air options, depending on your urgency (air for "ASAP" and ground for those that can wait for a few days).

So if you have an 'oops, I forgot' moment, keep calm and count on the company you trust for all of your business courier services in Winnipeg - Sierra Courier.