Current Courier Conditions

 Due to higher than normal call volumes, any orders placed after 12:35pm on Friday, June 14th may be subject to delayed service.  If you have any questions regarding this delay, please don't hesitate to call our office. 

How can I set up an account with Sierra?

A: It's quick and easy! Click here to fill out our online application form. We can also deliver an application form to you. Or if you prefer, call (204) 632-8920 or toll free; 1-866-575-ASAP and ask to speak with one of our friendly customer service representatives. Most new accounts are activated within 1-2 hours.

Does Sierra offer an air service?

A: We sure do! Click here for more information about these services. Our alliance with FedEx allows Sierra to provide customers with the world's fastest and most consistent on-time overnight air service available. Sierra also offers; next flight out, same day nationwide service for those very urgent deliveries.

What kind of ground service does Sierra offer?

A: Sierra offers the highest level of ground service available. We offer expedited service to any location in North America. We can handle LTL (Less Than Trailer Load) freight up to full trailer loads

What information do I need to place an order?

A: Just give us your account number, tell us the size of your delivery, where it is going, and how fast you want it delivered. It's that simple! You can also pay by cash and we accept all major credit cards. It couldn't be easier! Please click here to open up a Sierra account right now.

How can I place an order and trace shipments over the Internet?

A: We call it eTrac. You can learn more about placing an order online here. All you need is a Sierra eTrac login and password. With just a simple click of your mouse, you will be able to place and track all of your time-sensitive Sierra deliveries. Simply complete the Etrac online registration form or contact Sierra customer service representative at 204-632-8920 or Toll Free 1-866-575-ASAP and go online with Sierra today!

Does my computer require any special software to access eTrac?

A: No! All you need is a web browser with Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator and a connection to the Internet.

I forgot my password for my eTrac login. What should I do?

A: No problem! Just call one of Sierra's customer service representatives and they will be able to assist you.

Can I drop off my packages?

A: You sure can! Our offices are located at 165 Ryan Street in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Our drop-off hours are from 7:30 a.m. — 5:30 p.m. Monday — Friday.

IMPORTANT NOTE: During COVID we will not be accepting drop-offs at the office without prior arrangement. Please contact the office in advance.

Can I ship dangerous goods?

A) Yes. Sierra Courier will accept most dangerous goods. Click here for more information on dangerous goods.

What forms do I have to fill out for a non document International shipments ?

A) A Commercial invoice (click here for more details). You may also require a Export Declaration B13A for shipments valued over $2000.00 (click here for more details)

Do I need a commercial invoice for international document shipments ?

A) No. A Commercial invoice is not required for documents. Click here for more details.

How do I fill out a commercial invoice form?

A) You can use the form from our web site, or use your own corporate invoice or letterhead, as long as you include the date of exportation, name and address of shipper, recipient, and / or importer, country of export, country of manufacture, country of ultimate destination, detailed description of each commodity including the quantity, unit value, purchase price or value of the item, total invoice value, currency of sale, type of packaging, shipper’s signature and date. Click here for more information.

Does Sierra offer Saturday service?

A) Saturday service is available on Sierra Air Service. Click here for more information.

Does Sierra deliver to post office (PO) boxes?

A) Sierra does not deliver to post office boxes in the United States. Sierra will deliver to post office boxes in Canada if the customer provides a phone number.

What is the fastest service for cross-Canada shipments?

A) Sierra Next Flight Out Service for same day delivery to most major centres

What is the fastest service to the United States offered?

A) Sierra Next Flight Out Service for Same Day delivery to major centres.

What is the most economical cross-Canada service available?

A) Sierra Ground Service is the most economical way to ship .

What is the most economical service to the United States offered?

A) Sierra U.S. Ground will save you time and money!

Does Sierra provide air service to OverSeas International Destinations?

A) Yes. Sierra has multiple levels of air service to over 210 countries worldwide

Can I track my Air and Ground shipments Online?

A) Yes. You can use our tracking number on the Sierra Web Site to track your delivery.

Can I drop off my packages off at Sierra Courier?

A) You sure can! Our offices are located at 1200 King Edward Street. Our drop-off hours are from 7:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m., Monday – Friday. Click here for a location map.

Can I use my Sierra Account for Air and Ground Freight Services?

A) Yes. You may use your Sierra Courier Account for all Sierra Air and Ground Services.

What’s the cut off time for Sierra air and ground shipments?

A) Please try and place your request by 4:00 PM to insure same day pick up, if you call after 4:00 PM but you can drop off your package at our head office up to 5:00 PM and we will do our best to have your shipment picked up that day.

Can Sierra pick up a shipment in another city or town on our behalf?

A) Sierra can pick up your shipments from most locations in Canada, the U.S.A. and International points. Please call Sierra Customer Service for more details 1-204-632-8920

I need extra insurance !

A) Sierra courier can provide you with extra insurance coverage. Please call Sierra Customer Service for more details 1-204-632-8920