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We Live Here!

Hey, we’ve got rivers. And we’re proud of them. We also have nice big parks, and streets that aren’t, well, regular.

Winnipeg isn’t the easiest city in which to navigate. Though our downtown is only a few square kilometers in area, it isn’t laid out in a perfect grid. At certain times of the day, it can be very busy. During the winter months, it can be downright treacherous.

At Sierra Courier, we’re happy to be Winnipeg’s premiere delivery service. We’ve been serving the downtown core since 1976. The company has since grown into one of Canada’s largest privately held couriers, but we haven’t strayed from the trade that made us who we are – inner city deliveries in Winnipeg.

When you call our office, you’ll be connected quickly with someone who is not only a skilled customer service representative with state of the art tracking technology and a ready fleet of vehicles (including bicycle couriers) standing by, but an inhabitant to Winnipeg. They’ll know exactly what you’re talking about when you describe your delivery needs. Since they and the drivers involved know exactly which bridge your package should be shipped across, or which intersection they should avoid because the light takes too long and the traffic’s bad, they will be able to deliver your downtown package with speed and efficiency that can’t be matched by our out-of-town competition.

We’re fiercely proud of our accomplishments. Most packages in the downtown core go door-to-door in under 30 minutes, and in some cases, far less. We employ dedicated drivers for many of our downtown routes, because we know that we can serve our clients better by forging personal relationships. And we also know that the challenges of downtown delivery are best met by people with a good working knowledge of the area.

We’ve handled just about every type of cargo imaginable – live animals, bees, even a skeleton. When you entrust your precious documents or parcels to us, we promise to do our level best to exceed your expectations every time, starting the second the phone rings at our office. We didn’t get to be Winnipeg’s biggest courier service without first becoming Winnipeg’s best courier service.

To speak to a representative at Sierra Courier, call toll free 866-575-ASAP (2727) or 204-632-8920 from the Winnipeg area. We’re experts in local deliveries because we are a truly local delivery service.

Sierra Courier is pleased to announce that we are expanding our courier services to communities as far north as Selkirk, Stonewall and everything in between.

At Sierra Courier, our fleet of 22 ft covered and flat deck dock level trucks are fully equipped with power tailgates for ground level loading and unloading. This means that we are able to handle any load up to 15,000 lbs safely and with ease.

We will find the best solution for your company's freight and distribution needs. For more information, call us at 204.632.8920 or visit us online at sierracourier.com


You’re all ready.  You got up early.  You put on your best suit, the right watch.  Everything’s perfect.

You are ready.  You are the perfect storm, and the success you’re going to have with your big presentation is preordained.

Except for one tiny detail.  You forgot your presentation.

Anyone who knows how this feels knows that at that moment you’d trade your pants for the presentation.  At least you could fashion an emergency pair out of the drapes.

To rid yourself of that left-the-plane-without-the-parachute feeling, you need the services of a professional.  In Winnipeg, Sierra Courier is the service that you can count on to get you out of this particular jam.  As you’ve read in these pages, we specialize in getting all kinds of cargo (documents, medical materials, even live animals) where they need to be, in a “pronto” kind of way.  You place your call to us, and we immediately dispatch the right vehicle (ranging from bicycle to transport truck) to your address. The forgotten item is then transported directly, in the fastest manner safely possible, to your workplace.  You then make the presentation of the century, earning the undying respect and gratitude of your employer, as well as a nice healthy raise.

While we can’t guarantee the killer presentation, the respect, or the raise, we can make you this one solemn promise:  At Sierra Courier, we will do whatever is within our power to help you out of your predicament.  For more than 35 years, we have been Winnipeg’s go-to courier and messenger service.  Many of our competitors have come and gone, but we remain because our “we deliver” philosophy and our commitment to customer service have never wavered.  Every day, we handle hundreds of time sensitive shipments with the same care and commitment we’d give to our own packages.

To arrange transport of your package, no matter how tight your timeline, call Sierra Courier toll free 866-575-ASAP (2727) or 204-632-8920 from the Winnipeg area.  Whether your shipment is routine, or constitutes a genuine emergency, you can rest assured that we’re the company for the job.



When getting a message through is really, really important, it might not seem like a good idea to turn the mission-critical task of relaying it over to the same technology that delivered sixteen million funny cat videos yesterday.

The Internet is, without a doubt, one of the best inventions in human history. It’s brought the planet closer together, enabled people to access like-minded individuals at a rate that was unimaginable even a decade ago.

What it isn’t, however, is 100% reliable. Everybody has experienced a few mysterious “hiccups” in their digital delivery systems… emails that get sent off into the ether, never received nor replied to. Occasionally, the ghosts in the machine play interesting jokes – it’s not unheard of to get a brand new email in your inbox with a “send” date from sometime last month. We claim to be masters of the technology, but sometimes it seems to be the other way around.

When your message really matters, because the content absolutely needs to get to it’s recipient, put it in the hands of a courier.

When you need to know, without a doubt, that your message was delivered into someone’s hands, give it to a courier.

When the information in your message is too sensitive to fall into the wrong hands and become part of someone’s data mine, put it in the hands of a courier.

In Winnipeg, your natural choice is Sierra Courier. We offer service across town and across North America.

We’ve been in the courier business since long before the first email was sent (heck, since before the first fax) and while we appreciate and use internet technology every day, we can’t stress enough how important our customers find the dependability and security of our services.

To arrange pick up of your package, from the smallest envelope to a series of giant parcels, call anytime toll free 866-575-ASAP (2727) or 204-632-8920 from the Winnipeg area. You can also personally drop your items off at 1200 King Edward Street in Winnipeg, and we’ll make sure it gets where it needs to go.

Good. Fast. Cheap. You can choose any two, as dictated by the classic Project Management Triangle.

While plenty of businesses claim to be able to circumvent this rule, very few are able to even make a dent in two of these attributes, let alone score a perfect three.

At Sierra Courier, we can’t claim to be the exception. While we provide services that satisfy all three of these constraints, it’s simply not possible to do it all at once.

We will not compromise on quality. All of our work is done to the most exacting standards that we can achieve. Your package will be picked up by a professional courier at the prearranged time, and delivered to its destination where, when, and how you specify.

The other two points on the triangle are inextricably linked. The faster you need delivery, the more it is going to cost. This isn’t because we are gouging you (at Sierra Courier, we do our best to keep all of our rates extremely competitive), but when you need something rushed to its destination, our costs go up. Unfortunately, we have to pass some of them on to you. That’s why our pricing schedule is partly based on the urgency of delivery. It’s much more economical to ship something by ground than by air, and it’s cheaper when we can schedule a single truck to make ten deliveries than to send it out to make just one.

The best thing that you can do to mitigate the premium you pay for rush courier service is to plan ahead. Even a little bit of advance notice can dramatically lower the cost of your shipment.

Sometimes emergencies arise. Sierra Courier is prepared. We offer lightning quick in-town transportation, and Canadian and international air service. When it absolutely needs to be there yesterday, we’ll do our best to disrupt the space-time continuum and come as close as humanly possible. It won’t be “cheap” when compared with slower shipping methods, but our prices are designed to be fair and competitive.

To arrange transport of your package, no matter how tight your timeline, call Sierra Courier toll free 866-575-ASAP (2727) or 204-632-8920 from the Winnipeg area. You can also personally drop your items off at 1200 King Edward Street in Winnipeg, and we’ll send it on its way from there.