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Let's face it - nothing is better for a Sierra Courier staff member than delivering joy, and that doesn't happen at any time of the year more than the holiday season. The smiles on Winnipeggers' faces tells the whole story. Over the next few weeks we're going to share some good time stories with you, our valued customers.

The holiday season often brings about some interesting trends. Leaving aside the fervor of past hot toy trends like Tickle Me Elmo, the festive season always brings about some interesting traditions which spread from city to city, bringing with it a global sense of good cheer that is founded in organic growth.

The longest-endearing of these trends is the famed yule log. Today, you can bring home the warmth of the crackling wood, burning in a traditional cast-iron fireplace in so many ways - on your TV through on-demand services, DVDs and yes, even apps on your SmartPhone.

Did you know, though, that the original yule log was done in New York?

It's true. WPIX was the first station to air the famed yule log back in 1966. Station President and CEO Fred M. Thrower made history by setting aside valuable air time (including $4,000 worth of commercial time) to air a 17-second loop of video, filmed at the home of New York's mayor. After being used so repeatedly that the 35mm film began to disintegrate, a second run was shot in California just a few years later.

Today, the yule log is one of the true trends of the holidays that endears in the hearts of family and friends across Winnipeg and around the world.

Happy Holidays from Sierra Courier.