Current Courier Conditions


As much as Winnipeggers complain about the weather, the last few days have justified our impulse to kvetch.

After seemingly being out of the woods Wednesday with temperatures hitting a beautiful high of 15 degrees (Celsius, not Fahrenheit like we had just last month), the lovely weather bubble burst in a big way, sprinkling us first with rain, then with snow.

The result of all of this moisture? The muck of snow slush mixed with sand and mud that we thought we were at least going to get temporary relief from is back, and that means your shoes and pants are once again liable to be victimized.

Yes, spring weather has its ups and downs and we'll tolerate the moist conditions in the name of actually being able to get outside and take a walk, barbeque or even get that first outdoor project taken care of; but there's nothing worse than trying to hop, skip or jump around mud and water in business attire. Sure, co-workers and clients understand that it comes with the territory, but there's nothing that can upset ourselves more than mis-stepping into what we thought was solid ground (but end up sinking quicker than a stone!

Save your clothes - let us do the delivery for you!

Sierra Courier has been helping Winnipeg businesses stay dry since 1976. Bravely taking on the dirty roads and soaked sidewalks, our delivery men and women brave all the elements for Winnipeggers, ensuring that our clients stay dry and clean.

If you're ready to put us to work, call us today at 204-632-8920 or fill out our pricing request form.