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Winnipeg - summer's here!

One of the premier activities amidst our summer months, of course, is not on four or even eight wheels - it's on two.

Yes, biking has taken over Winnipeg. Go through any park or drive down most streets in our city and you're bound to see people getting a blast of fresh air as they get fit while travelling. Biking has so many health benefits, including for our environment.

Sierra's team has seen the benefits of biking and when the season and time allows, we give couriers the opportunity to step out of their vehicles and cycle your parcel over.

We also offer this service to our clients. While we won't provide you with a bike to pick up your parcel, we will, by request, send our couriers out on bikes (where the package carriage allows it - we won't ask our delivery team to strap a piano to their back while navigating on two wheels!).

So if you're looking for the environmentally-friendly option for your next Winnipeg delivery - call Sierra Courier today and request a cyclist for your next courier need.