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Every career has its own set of on-the-job hazards. For couriers, these can include traffic issues, temperature issues and poorly packaged materials. Sometimes, they must even transport odd materials, such as deceased animals. One can assume that before a Winnipeg courier took his position, he or she never assumed they would have to worry about their packages coming back to life.

Poor driver, driving down the road with his shipment. A deceased dog who was being transported for burial was among the packages. He hears a noise and a faint whimper. Looks back and the “dead dog” package is moving. Actually moving! Upon opening for inspection, the animal is alive and obvious happy to be.

How is this possible? Well most dogs pass without the official care of a veterinarian. When they do, the owners typically wait and feel for a breath. If they are inexperienced, they may miss a faint heartbeat and shallow breath. Likely, this dog was simply unconscious.

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At Sierra Courier, we are proud of our reputation of providing outstanding Winnipeg courier services as well as around the world.

As part of our business, we are engaged to ship everything from a simple envelope to some unmentionable items. Take a look at our video to find out more about our most memorable moment in the delivery services industry.

Long before iPhones, Blackberries and email, people required message delivery in a timely manner. In ancient times, homing pigeons and horseback riders were used to deliver messages. Pigeon post was the name for the service of using a pigeons natural homing ability to deliver messages. Messenger pigeons and trained birds can be traced back to the Roman military over 2000 years ago.

Before there were modernized couriers, messengers would run miles on foot to their destinations. To this day, there are marathons directly related to actual historical messenger routes. In fact, the term “marathon” came from Pheidippides, a Greek runner, who was sent from Marathon, Greece to Athens, Greece to announce the defeat of the Persians. He ran the entire distance without stopping and collapsed at the end. The official sport of marathon running began at the 1896 Olympics in Athens.

In a more modern era, we have the luxury of technology and immediate courier services, including the older method of bike messengering. Surely, these modernized services are far quicker and easier to guarantee than poor Pheidippides and his exhausted feet.

While some may think that courier van is holding important documents, they are occasionally wrong. Millions of packages are transported every year throughout the county and every so often, something extremely odd ends up in one of those courier packages. Many couriers have reported items such as an elephant’s foot, spoiled food, prosthetics and even animal heads. Although most companies have forbidden materials, every so often, one of these items may end up in an unsuspecting courier’s vehicle. Some of the most unusual items reported by couriers are:

5.  Bees in a glass tube. Unfortunately, for this driver, the tube broke and a specialist had to be called in to sedate the bees with fog before removal. Luckily, he wasn’t allergic.

4.  Crickets. Escaping insects are not in a courier’s job description. Weeks later, this driver still heard those crickets living in his vehicle.

3.  A dead dog…..or one that was thought to be dead. Poor driver, the dog later “awoke” from his not so final rest. Luckily, the driver didn’t take his spot with a heart attack.

2.  A human skeleton that could not be laid flat. Mr. Bones had to hitch a ride in the front seat. This would have been perfect if it was sent during Halloween.

1.  Sheep (ram) testicles. As we know, they come in pairs. These were transported for later consumption and they most definitely do NOT taste like chicken.

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In business, many critical situations arise requiring the delivery of goods from one location to another. In these situations, it’s imperative the parcel reaches the destination the same day. Should it not, the critical level of the situation many escalate resulting in huge losses or fines.

When these situations arise, you need a reliable courier company to ensure the safe and efficient delivery of these packages. At Sierra Courier, when your call is received we will jump into action taking all the necessary details to begin the process. The criticality of the delivery will dictate the method by which the delivery will be handled.

In addition to the same day delivery services, insurance is also a vital component you may want to consider.

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