Current Courier Conditions



At Sierra Courier, we pride ourselves on excellent service, as well as numerous options to meet the needs of our clients. A generic international shipping speed may fit a few customers, but we have decided to provide our diverse clientele with options for their international needs. Whether you need your package on the next flight or a three-day delivery period is acceptable, we have all of the options you will need.

Sierra Air International Next Flight Out service is for critical shipments that are time sensitive. We offer the fastest possible means of door-to-door delivery in over 210 countries, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Customs clearance is included for maximum convenience, although some commodity restrictions may apply. Our maximum weight is 2200 pounds (997kg) and shipments can contain more than one package for optimal efficiency.

For those time sensitive shipments that require an 8:00 am delivery by the second business day, we offer our second tier of international shipping. This guaranteed service is door-to-door in major cities in Belgium, France, Germany, UK, Italy and Switzerland by 8 am on the second business day. Each individual package shipped to the US can weigh up to 150 pounds (68kg) and is customs-cleared for your convenience.

For time sensitive international shipments that require a delivery date from one to three business days, we offer a third level of international shipping. These packages can weigh up to 150 pounds (68kg) for most countries and have guaranteed delivery within one to three business days in most international locations. As usual, our shipments are customs-cleared for your convenience.

With the launch of our new eTrac system, creating orders, billing and tracking has become that much easier. Not only is eTrac the one-stop-shop for all your courier needs, it is completely free to all of our customers. All that is required from you, is an Internet connection and a computer -- we do the rest. Our eTrac service will provide you with a confirmation number, your dispatcher’s identification number, the assigned driver and any issues that may arise, such as waiting time, or situations beyond our control.

Very rarely, these situations do arise and we experience a wait time. Whether it is due to a road condition, or simply weather issues, it does happen. If this is the case, we do not bring our clients into the situation blind. We always post a warning banner on the homepage of our website that notifies clients of situations and areas that are affected. In addition to the website warning, eTrac is updated every 60 seconds and the customer will be notified by eTrac. In addition to all of these procedures, if a specific shipment is affected and the customer was not previously notified of the situation, we will personally call them and work with them to figure out the best solution for their courier needs.

While delays are rare, they do happen on occasion. Be assured that Sierra Courier has procedures and polices in place to protect your valuable time. We will always maintain our solid reputation of reliability, especially during those unforeseen circumstances.

It’s in your phone, in your car, and on the airplane. It tells you where you are, where other people are, and how to get from where you are now to where you want to go. It’s the Global Positioning System, or GPS – a space-based global navigation satellite system. It is capable of providing time and location information to a receiver – a cell phone, for example – anywhere on (or near) the Earth from specialized satellites orbiting this planet.

Since the 1940s, various branches of the United States military had been trying to develop a superior navigation system. GPS as we know it now grew out of a synthesis of different military projects. It was made available for civilian use in the early 1980s, and is still owned an operated by the US Department of Defense. GPS is a dual-use technology, in that it has both military and civilian applications. Emergency services, navigators, cartographers, surveyors, and seismologists employ GPS; GPS aids in tracking vehicles, making maps and measuring plate tectonics.

So how does GPS work? At this very moment there are 30 operational satellites orbiting the Earth, each continually transmitting signals – signals that propagate at the speed of light. Each signal contains the time of transmission and the location of the satellite in orbit. A receiver intercepts these signals and uses them to determine its location and time. Other satellite navigation systems are in development around the world. Our ability to find, track and measure can only improve.

Now that you know how GPS works, let’s talk about how it works for you, our customer. We have 24 hour tracking capabilities which helps us deploy which delivery vehicle is closest to your location. This saves on time which ultimately saves on cost, thereby allowing us to pass those savings on to you. Our drivers also utilize the GPS technology to ensure they take the most efficient route both to your pick-up and delivery destinations, ensuring you’ll never have a delay in your delivery because they were lost.

Sitting down and watching that big screen television is the highlight of a relaxing evening for some.  And the large gift that Grandma wants to purchase for the grandkids can now be shipped with peace of mind, and light on the pocketbook, as well.  For anyone who has gone through the moving or shipping of large items, you know the headaches involved.  You have to find equipment large enough, storage space large enough, and the security of a reputable company.

Look no further!  Sierra Courier is that large parcel courier company that can fit all your needs.  The most important aspect of your large parcel shipping is the security of your item.  We take special measures for the security of your parcel and have the proper equipment to move almost anything with ease.  And if that wasn’t enough to help your heavy parcel decisions, we also have services to help you in crating your items, or help you in your decisions on packaging materials.

Sierra Courier will provide a step-by-step process that can be complete by phone or initiated online.  We will help in selecting shipping speeds, packaging, billing options, required documentation, pick up and drop off, and tracking your valuable items.   Shipping a heavy item doesn’t have to be a daunting task and we will make sure that it is as enjoyable as possible.

Now that most businesses and services have an online presence, we’ re no longer subject to the restrictions of operating hours and staff power. With online services, we have more flexibility. We can make requests, place orders or transfer funds at our convenience. Online services put us in control and provide us with peace of mind.

It’s not always possible to get everything done between 9 and 5. Online services provide us with the convenience of booking or placing an order whenever we need – regardless of the time of day. Having access to an online booking system means we don’t have to rely on the telephone; conducting certain transactions online is often faster. We won’t be put on hold or have to repeat ourselves. Internet access is the only way to get updates on orders and bookings outside of business hours.

Making use of an online service also provides peace of mind. We can check on the status of our purchases or requests at any time and monitor their progress whenever we feel like it. Ordering, tracking and reporting are all at our fingertips. Online services empower us to be part of the process.

With our eTrac online services, you can take advantage of all of the above. Place your order at any time, specify a pick-up time, wait for confirmation and most importantly… track your delivery! Our shipment status is updated every 60 seconds. You will know when your package is picked up, delivered, who signed for it, and the rated amount to be billed.