Current Courier Conditions

More than ever, extreme weather is becoming a reality for many communities. Winters seem to be getting longer, snowier and increasingly unpredictable. When shipping is a central element to any endeavor, whether it is personal or professional, bad weather can be cause for concern.

Since couriers rely on a network of transportation hubs and routes, a closure at any point can affect service. Most pickups are made by van and taken to a local sorting depot. From there they are delivered to a national hub, then onward to a delivery depot. Now the parcel is ready to be delivered to the recipient. A pickup or delivery delay can occur when poor weather affects the accessibility of any point along the delivery chain.

Airport closures and bad road conditions slow down shipping and can create backlogs at sorting depots and hubs, resulting in a pickup freeze due to lack of space at the facility. This creates further delays. Are there ways to mitigate these kinds of problems? Of course there are.

First, plan ahead. Get your package out the door as soon as possible. That way, if it gets held up due to poor weather conditions, it can still arrive at its destination on time. Second, choose a reputable courier service. Check consumer websites for reviews and look for testimonials on company websites. Take a company’s track record into consideration as well. Do they have experience with extreme weather, and how well do they manage it? If possible, you may consider dropping your parcel directly to a depot to reduce the number of deliveries. Stay on top of your shipment by tracking its progress.

Snow, sleet, hail and freezing rain can spell disaster for many businesses and individuals as it wreaks havoc on national courier networks. But it is possible to emerge from winter unscathed. Remember to plan ahead and choose a courier that can navigate the storm.