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We excited to announce the winner of the Sierra Courier Jets© Tickets Contest - Lisa B!

We spoke with Lisa this morning to notify her of the win and she was so very excited about the news. Lisa's entry hit a soft spot for all when she spoke about her memories of her Dad taking her to a Jets game as a toddler and the Winnipeg Jets© jersey he bought for her. Her biggest wish was to return the favor and share that experience with him once again.

We, at are Sierra Courier happy to provide Lisa with the opportunity to have her wish and take her Dad to a Jets© game this December. Stay tuned for more updates and photos of our happy winner at the game.

We'd like to everyone to took the time to enter the contest.

Last night the Jets put up the first win of their new Winnipeg era, with a 2-1 decision over the Pittsburgh Penguins. Putting an end to the ugliness of their 0-3 start.

This win has added to the already high level of excitement about our NHL team returning. The appeal for tickets is even stronger...

We will be announcing the lucky winner of the set of Jets tickets in the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned... it could be you!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Win Jets Tickets Facebook contest.

To all the Jets fans who have entered, thank you for sharing your favorite memory. It's been a trip down memory lane through the eyes of their biggest supporters.

For those fans who missed out the first time, be sure to take this great opportunity to win 2 regular seasons Jets tickets! It's as easy as Liking Us on Facebook , sharing your favorite Jets memory. Take a moment to read what your fellow fans had to share.

Find out more about our Facebook Winnipeg Jets Tickets contest.

Our Facebook contest for 2 Winnipeg Jets tickets is coming to a close. There's only 2 days left to enter before the contest closes on October 15th!

Remember, all you need to do is Like Us On Facebook , share your favorite Jets memory and be entered to win 2 regular season tickets.

Be sure to watch our video taking you through the Winnipeg Jets big moments in history.

If you live in Winnipeg, you've been exposed to the roller coaster ride of the Jets return. First the controversial topic of the return of an NHL team to our beloved city. Then which team it would be. At long last - the news we were all waiting for - the return of the NHL to Winnipeg.

The up and down didn't end there. Now the naming challenge began. Would it be the Jets? Stay as the Moose? To the great satisfaction of most, the announcement the Jets have returned.

That final announcement lead to the rush for tickets. Some were lucky, many fans were not. We, at Sierra Courier are very excited, as proud Jets supporters, to offer those unlucky fans a second chance!

Simply Like Us on Facebook , share your favorite Jets memory and be entered to win one set of 2 regular seasons Jets tickets. Find out more about our Facebook Winnipeg Jets Tickets contest.

Let the memories begin!