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Terms and Conditions

The Shipper agrees to the following terms and conditions:

1. Sierra Courier Service Inc. shall not, under any circumstances, be liable in special, general, consequential or any other damages whatsoever caused, directly or indirectly, by delay in delivery, regardless of the cause of delay, and whether or not Sierra had knowledge that such damages might be incurred by reason of delay including, but not limited to, impositions of deadlines in respect of Tender Submissions, contractual closing of in any circumstances in which time is or may be of the essence.

2. Sierra will not be liable for any loss, damage or destruction to goods arising from the following causes: Acts of God; the Queen's or public enemies; riots; strikes; authority of law; defect of inherent vice in the goods shipped; act or default of the shipper or owner of the goods, including improper packaging; electrical or magnetic injury; erasure or such damage to electronic or other recordings.

3. Sierra shall not be liable for loss, damage or destruction not reported in writing within 48 hours after such loss, damage or destruction becomes known or after delivery, whichever occurs first. Outstanding C.O.D.'s must be reported in writing within 10 days.

4. Liability for loss, damage or destruction shall not exceed $2.00 per pound to a maximum of $200.00

5. Any discrepancy in invoicing must be reported within 15 days after the invoice date. Invoices are due and payable on receipt. Past due accounts are subject to a service charge of 2 percent per month.

6. Sierra will have a lien on any goods provided to them for delivery for the amount of any outstanding charges owing by the shipper, whether relating to the particular goods or not, together with all costs of selling the goods and Sierra shall have the right to enforce the lien by sale of the goods and for the purposes of selling the provisions of the Warehouseman's Liens Act shall apply mutatis mutandis.

7. Sierra has the right to substitute drivers at their sole discretion.

8. In consideration of Sierra agreeing to service the Shipper, the Shipper agrees that for a period of one year after it ceases to utilize Sierra as its courier service it shall not directly or indirectly enter into and agreement to do business with any person who as an employee of or under contract with Sierra services the Shipper's account.

9. Dangerous goods will be accepted provided they must meet current transport regulation and are properly contained and identified as dangerous goods.

10. Rates and surcharges are subject to change without notice. Sierra Courier has the right to implement a fuel surcharge at its discretion.

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