Current Courier Conditions

Pop quiz hot shot:

It’s just before lunch on Tuesday when your boss blitzes out of the office to grab a quick bite before heading to a very important presentation in Transcona and forgot to bring the package of brochures that were takeaways for your client. Your time is tight because you’re about to do a conference call with another client. If the brochures don’t make it to Transcona by the time your boss gets there, your company risks losing a client, and if you aren’t on the phone, you risk losing your client.

What do you do?

The answer is simple – multitask with Sierra Courier’s eTrac system!

Okay, the above scenario may be a bit far-fetched (or maybe it’s not…) but we exaggerate to demonstrate a point – with eTrac, Sierra Courier’s online ordering and tracking system, you can place an order with our service and track its progress from pick up right through delivery.

So going back to our above scenario, our conference call-bound friend can continue talking on the phone with his client while filling off simultaneously placing the pickup order. Plus, when the boss emails in amidst a state of panic about the forgotten brochures, he can then be assured that they are already picked up and en route to his presentation.

Learn more about the Sierra Courier eTrac system by clicking here.