Current Courier Conditions

When you pick a local courier for your next delivery in Winnipeg, we want you to ask yourself one question - are they truly local?

Are you getting someone on the phone (right away might we add) that knows our city? Are they going to know that when you say you need a parcel delivered to Wellington Avenue that they're not going to confuse it with Wellington Crescent? Will they know to confirm that when you said "St. Mary Ave." that you may have slipped and actually meant to say "St. Mary's"?

These are the intricacies of living in the River City. A Winnipegger confirming your order will know to ask the right questions to ensure your package will get to the right location on time, every time.

That's why calling Sierra Courier for your next local Winnipeg delivery is important to the continued success of your business. We know Winnipeg because we are in Winnipeg. When you call Sierra, you're not getting a call centre representative in Toronto or the U.S. - you're getting a bonafide, tried and true Winnipegger on the line who knows our city and will ensure that there is no confusion in your order.

Don't take chances with your important delivery. Call Sierra Courier today for your local courier service in Winnipeg.