Current Courier Conditions

Due to higher than normal call volumes, any orders placed after 1:15pm on Friday, September 24th will be subject to delayed service or next day pickup/delivery.  If we are unable to pick up your order today, a Sierra representative will make alternate pickup/delivery arrangements.  If you have any questions regarding this notice, please don't hesitate to call our office.

From time to time, Sierra Courier has some truly unique delivery requests. While they often make for interesting conversation in our office, we like to think that there are also opportunities to share them with you, our loyal customers.

When a call to Sierra Courier begins with "this is going to be funny,” you know you're in for a different sort of request.

Such was the case when the one of our clients in the Animal Sciences industry called our offices, asking... ahem... if we can ship bull XXit.

Now, normally when someone talks about transporting ... "XXit", they're normally talking about an argument where "XXit" hits the fan; but no, this was a legitimate of sending the XXit packing.

So off we went to get an answer from an international courier. We were "knee deep" in our research when we found the answer that, indeed, XXit can really fly!

As it turns out, you need to fill out some paperwork (with 24 hours prior notice) in order to send bullXXit. Why? Plant derivatives that are found in it.

Yep. We went there.

Now we did choose to leave some of the finer points to customs, we were certainly pleased to provide this service to our client.

So when we say we can ship just about everything imaginable, we're not bullXXing.

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