Current Courier Conditions

Due to higher than normal call volumes, any orders placed after 1:15pm on Friday, September 24th will be subject to delayed service or next day pickup/delivery.  If we are unable to pick up your order today, a Sierra representative will make alternate pickup/delivery arrangements.  If you have any questions regarding this notice, please don't hesitate to call our office.

There's a common thread among businesses in Winnipeg - Friday afternoons are reserved for shutdown activities.

Those last waning hours before the weekend are among the toughest for job focus, with a thought that goes toward remaining tasks can wait until Monday to be completed.

Not all tasks, however, fall into this category. Some require that last-minute attentiveness, namely those shipments that need to get out so they can be arriving for Monday's rush of business.

When these situations arise, Sierra Courier is here for you, with our Air Saturday Services.

You read that right - the first day of the weekend is still an operating day at the office for us.

Our service on Saturdays includes pick-up and drop-off to most and Canadian, American centres, and some international destinations as well.

What does that mean to you?

Consider, for a moment, that you're headed out to Calgary Friday morning for a trade show the following Monday but forget to bring one of your stand-up banners.

Not to fret. Using our Next Day Canada service, your staff can prep and package the banner, with delivery coming to you Saturday.

It's that simple.

So when you're in a pinch, rely on Winnipeg's most trusted courier service.

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