Current Courier Conditions

Due to higher than normal call volumes, any orders placed after 1:15pm on Friday, September 24th will be subject to delayed service or next day pickup/delivery.  If we are unable to pick up your order today, a Sierra representative will make alternate pickup/delivery arrangements.  If you have any questions regarding this notice, please don't hesitate to call our office.

Welcome to financial season!

Between now and the end of April, accountants and financial advisors are getting ready for hibernation, only emerging from the piles of documents to get the occasional cup of coffee and maybe a catnap (though some have been known to sleep in their offices. That's why they have couches, afterall).

For Winnipeggers, this means getting signed documents prepped, and in these busy times for both yourself and your advisor, this means face-to-face meetings are next to impossible.

In this scenario, signing said papers will need to be done remotely, and with time drawing close to deadline (March 3), you'll need to expedite your signings.

Here's where Sierra Courier comes in. We have great same-day service with one, two and three hour delivery options available, including getting through the busy Winnipeg downtown centre!

So don't take chances with these all important tax saving opportunities - let Sierra's trusted team help you today!