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In a word, competition.

If you sell products to businesses or the public, your business is engaged in the most lopsided battle since David vs. Goliath faced off.

CompetitionGiant corporations (we’re not going to name names here, but we all know who they are) offer well-priced goods with ridiculously short delivery times. While everybody knows that these big companies can’t offer the same level of personalized service that a smaller enterprise does, often this advantage is outweighed by the promise of lightning quick order fulfillment.

You can fight the giants, with the help of a third-party logistics provider (3PL). 3PLs offer warehouse space, shipping, and even Pick and Pack logistics services on a scale that most small businesses simply cannot afford, because they consolidate their logistics service for many small businesses under one roof. Your operation doesn’t have to lay out the massive capital required to establish and staff a location in a region where you need a distribution centre. You partner with an expert, and pay only for the space and services you need, when you need them.

3PLs have access to services and prices that are unavailable to smaller enterprises, because they buy with the advantage of scale. They also have established Transportation Management and Inventory Control solutions that you can access, without the capital and development costs associated with doing it in-house.

At Sierra Courier in Winnipeg, we’re positioning ourselves as an ideal third party logistics provider. We have the warehouse space, the labour force, the control systems, and the expertise to provide you exemplary service. And we have the most important thing you need in your fight with the big guys – a desire to see scrappy Canadian small and mid-sized businesses succeed. You worry about your products, and we’ll worry about getting them to your customers.