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22 daysAs proof that you can send just about anything by courier, music star and actress Beyoncé has recently launched a company called 22 Days Nutrition that will provide delivered vegan cuisine.

The thinking behind the 22 Days concept is that it takes 21 days for a behavior to become a habit. By providing support over the first three weeks of lifestyle change, the company is aiming to change lives for the better.

All meals on the plan will be 100% plant-based, with no genetically modified ingredients. They’ll be gluten, soy, and dairy product free, as well as organic.

Beyoncé’s partner in the business is her long time trainer, Marco Borges, who has authored several books on exercise and diet, and is a big proponent of a plant-based diet. Delivery will take place once a week, on Fridays. Food will be shipped anywhere in the Continental United States in a reusable cooler box, kept at an appropriate temperature with frozen gel packs. Prices will range from $9.76 to $16.50, with delivery charges between $9.95 and $19.95

There are plenty of meal delivery services, but very few with the scope that Beyoncé’s company has. In the case of 22 Days Nutrition, it takes a small service and makes it potentially huge.

It’s great to see the impact that reliable courier service can have on people’s daily lives. Is delivery service something that your company could benefit from? Give Sierra a call, we’d love to help.