Current Courier Conditions

Now that most businesses and services have an online presence, we’ re no longer subject to the restrictions of operating hours and staff power. With online services, we have more flexibility. We can make requests, place orders or transfer funds at our convenience. Online services put us in control and provide us with peace of mind.

It’s not always possible to get everything done between 9 and 5. Online services provide us with the convenience of booking or placing an order whenever we need – regardless of the time of day. Having access to an online booking system means we don’t have to rely on the telephone; conducting certain transactions online is often faster. We won’t be put on hold or have to repeat ourselves. Internet access is the only way to get updates on orders and bookings outside of business hours.

Making use of an online service also provides peace of mind. We can check on the status of our purchases or requests at any time and monitor their progress whenever we feel like it. Ordering, tracking and reporting are all at our fingertips. Online services empower us to be part of the process.

With our eTrac online services, you can take advantage of all of the above. Place your order at any time, specify a pick-up time, wait for confirmation and most importantly… track your delivery! Our shipment status is updated every 60 seconds. You will know when your package is picked up, delivered, who signed for it, and the rated amount to be billed.