Current Courier Conditions

Sitting down and watching that big screen television is the highlight of a relaxing evening for some.  And the large gift that Grandma wants to purchase for the grandkids can now be shipped with peace of mind, and light on the pocketbook, as well.  For anyone who has gone through the moving or shipping of large items, you know the headaches involved.  You have to find equipment large enough, storage space large enough, and the security of a reputable company.

Look no further!  Sierra Courier is that large parcel courier company that can fit all your needs.  The most important aspect of your large parcel shipping is the security of your item.  We take special measures for the security of your parcel and have the proper equipment to move almost anything with ease.  And if that wasn’t enough to help your heavy parcel decisions, we also have services to help you in crating your items, or help you in your decisions on packaging materials.

Sierra Courier will provide a step-by-step process that can be complete by phone or initiated online.  We will help in selecting shipping speeds, packaging, billing options, required documentation, pick up and drop off, and tracking your valuable items.   Shipping a heavy item doesn’t have to be a daunting task and we will make sure that it is as enjoyable as possible.