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To open an eTrac account with Sierra Courier today

Why not take advantage of Sierra Courier's Online order entry and tracking system?

eTrac is here! eTrac is an easy-to-use on-line system that will revolutionize the messenger courier industry. eTrac is a complimentary on-line order, track, and reporting system offered by Sierra Courier that will put you in total control of your delivery orders and save you time and money by reducing your back office expenses with its detailed reporting capabilities. With the power of eTrac you can place orders and track your shipments at www.sierracourier.com. Your shipment status is updated every 60 seconds. You will know when your package is picked up, delivered, who signed for it, and the rated amount to be billed.

You can be up and running with eTrac within Minutes

At Sierra Courier we believe it's no longer enough to simply get your deliveries from here to there. Letting customers participate in the delivery process, from entering orders, to tracking your package to it's final destination, is something that is important to everybody at Sierra. Therefore, we have employed additional state-of-the-art courier technology to provide you with this increased level of service and satisfaction. Through the Internet you can now enter orders, and access real-time delivery tracking information on all of your job requests. This means quick and easy order entry, and electronic delivery updates, including proof of delivery.

With eTrac you no longer need to call us to place an order. Just connect to our electronic order system to save you time, speed the order process, and ensure you are informed on the delivery every step of the way.

No Setup or Capital Investment Needed

All you need is a computer and an Internet connection to begin placing orders electronically with Sierra Courier. We'll provide you with a login and password so you can access our system and your account.

How it Works

Through a secure customized order entry screen, orders may be placed quickly and easily and then tracked all the way through the delivery process. Your delivery information is updated regularly by our dispatchers. When you enter and order you can view confirmation that your order was received. Then, as your order goes quickly through the process, all updates are reflected in the system and available to you. A dispatcher's identification number, the assigned driver, and any issues related to the job such as waiting time, are recorded and available on your desktop.

To sign up for an eTrac account, complete the form below and a Sierra Courier representative will respond within 24 hours with your eTrac username and password. If you prefer, you may contact us via telephone, from the U.S. or Canada please call 204-632-8920.

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eTrac FAQs

What is eTrac exactly?

A: eTrac is an easy to use online ordering, tracking and reporting system. eTrac will revolutionize the way you work with Sierra Courier.

What can Etrac do for me?

A: With eTrac, you will be able to place your delivery orders, obtain exact quotes, track up to the minute status of your shipments and generate detailed delivery and cost summary reports. You will save time and work more efficiently by handling delivery tasks on your computer while handling other business needs on the phone. You will also save time by reducing your back office efforts with its detailed reporting features. There will never be a delayed delivery because of miscommunications in delivery information. Whatever you enter in your computer is what the dispatcher sees on their terminal.

What do I need to use eTrac?

A: All you need is a computer with Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator, an Internet connection, and a user name and password which we will provide you once you have signed up for a Free eTrac account.

What will it cost me?

A: Nothing! Signing up for an eTrac account is Free!

How can I try eTrac?

A: Call Sierra Courier today and let us know you would like to be set up on eTrac. We can have you up and running in 10 minutes... or simply ask for an online demonstration.

Can I place my orders any time of day?

A: Yes. You can place orders ahead of time and have them delivered whenever you would like.

Can I enter multiple delivery orders in one transmission?

A: Yes! You sure can with eTrac's easy to use online interface.

Can I still place orders by phone?

A: Absolutely! eTrac is offered as a Free time saving service.